Here’s How I Can Cut The Fat, Waste, & Frustration 
Out Of Your Marketing Dollars…

If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or sales professional this could be the most important website you’ll ever read. I work with people just like you to cut the fat, waste, and frustration out of their marketing, making their sales efforts at least 500% more effective – GUARANTEED!  For those of you that are completely happy with your return-on-investment on your marketing dollars: feel free to stop reading here.

For those of you left: my name is Michael Black and I’m the President of AfroMarketing, Southern Colorado’s only full-service Direct Response Marketing agency. My strategies have been used successfully in 156 different industries in companies that sell B2B and to consumers. Everything I do for my clients must be Affordable, First-class, and Results Oriented – AfroMarketing.

Now you probably haven’t heard of me… and that’s just fine. I’ve churned out winning ads and marketing for clients in dozens of niches, quietly making serious money for them. I’ve gotten results in the real business world where they eat their young everyday and where you MUST get results!  With nearly a decade of hands-on experience I offer a large selection of products and services that will help you:

  • Do Business On Your Own Terms!
  • Charge Premium Prices While Serving Fewer Customers.
  • Spend More Time Working ON Your Business Instead Of IN Your Business!
  • Harness The Power Of Social Media!

  • Focus On Your Target Market Like A Laser Beam!
  • Put Profits In Your Pocket Right Now!
  • Develop Your Own Personal Power Brand!


What Can AfroMarketing Offer You?

Social Media ManagementSocial Media ManagementSocial Media Management

Social Media Management
Are you to busy to market effectively via Social Media.  Don’t miss out on one of the biggest shifts in the way people communicate.  Learn to market effectively with my proven strategies.

Speaking Engagements & EventsSpeaking Engagements & EventsSpeaking Engagements & Events

Speaking Engagements & Events
As a Professional Speaker I work with entrepreneurs and sales professionals in a variety of ways.  Find out about my up-coming appearances here as well as scheduling information!

Copywriting & Ad DesignCopywriting & Ad DesignCopywriting & Ad Design

Copywriting & Ad Design
No matter what business you’re in real estate, a professional, retailer or tradesman, 99% of the success or failure comes directly from your ability to attract and keep customers as well as your ability to MARKET yourself to them.

Coaching & ConsultingCoaching & ConsultingCoaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting
Are you lost and don’t know who to call?  I provide in-depth coaching, consulting, and masterminds for entrepreneurs in dozens of industries.  Call me today at 719-749-1647 to schedule a consultation today!

My Profitable Products & Services Can 
Help Build Your Business!


“Now You Can Stop Being An AD VICTIM — Even If You’ve Tried Everything Before!”
I’ll how you step-by-step how to stop your frustration with
advertising – no matter how hard you’ve tried before…

Dear Friend,

Of course, you want to cut the fat, waste, and frustration out of your marketing dollars. Nobody likes to throw money away on useless advertising.  But you’ve tried so many DVDs, Books, Seminars and Bootcamps you don’t know who or what to believe anymore. You just want the steady drain on your marketing budget to stop more than anything else, and you should!

See If This Sounds Familiar:

  • A slow but steady drain on your marketing bank accounts – money’s going out, but not coming back in.
  • Growing frustration as the lack of response increases advertising costs.
  • A sick realization that you cannot track your return on investment.  You don’t know if you are making money or losing it!
  • Reassurances that if you only run the ad more, or spend more money, that the ad will be successful.
  • A sneaking suspicion that maybe that ad representative, paper, etc. is more concerned about their bottom line than yours…

 If ANY of these symptoms seem familiar you need to consider the VERY REAL POSSIBILITY that you’ve been an advertising victim.  However, there is a way to confront this reality.  You must commit to tracking every dime you spend on your marketing.  You must commit to switching from costly image branding to viciously trackable direct response marketing.

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“Here’s How You Can Quickly & Easily Build A Fence
Around Your Customers Guaranteed To Stimulate Referrals,
Attract New Customers, And Increase Profits!”


How much is your average customer worth to you over the course of their lifetime?

Suppose you could make one simple addition to your marketing strategy and double (or triple) your lifetime customer value.

Imagine… Taking 10 minutes a month to secure a steady stream of referrals rolling into your business.  Customers and clients look forward to your newsletter and respond with enthusiasm to every issue.  One of your clients this month can’t stop talking about the Pablo San Lucas Golf Vacation you sent him on…  Anytime they need you, you are there for your customers and they love you for it.

Sound too good to be true?

Well it isn’t if you have a system in place designed to generate leads, increase sales, and ensure that your customer’s come back again and again.

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“Stop Doing Marketing The Hard Way!  At last! 
You can attract a flood of new qualified prospects on autopilot.” 

Let’s face it marketing is tough!  Every day your’re faced with problems that include:

  • How To Design A Successful Marketing Plan
  • How To Build A Truly Profitable List
  • How To Stop Cold Calling Forever

My new book. “51 Mega Marketing Strategies To Increase Profits and Attract Prospects On Autopilot” reveals the real world strategies that I have used to acheieve marketing success.  This book contains everything you need to improve your marketing.

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“Would You Like A Custom Designed Website That
Automatically Sells Your Products And Services
Without You Breaking A Sweat Or
Breaking Your Budget?”

It’s a known fact that thousands of prospects in your local area are actively searching online for information about buying the exact product and service your offering, but if you don’t have a professional and informative website you will lose that potential customer.

If you are serious about increasing your leads, prospects and profits by having a professional website design expert to build your business, then contact me today to receive:

  • A custom website designed for your business that offers potential customers access to information about your business and the numerous benefits and advantages of using your company.
  • Your unique custom website for thousands of dollars less than a big advertising agency would charge you. You won’t have to spend a fortune to have a professional website.
  • Instead of wasting tens of thousands of dollars on out-dated newspaper ads that are expensive and ineffective, you can now have a professional designed website you can easily change your marketing campaign automatically.

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“Discover How To Use To
Attract Ready-To-Buy Local Prospects To
Your Business And Become Famous In Your
Target Market Without Spending
More Money On Advertising!”


Details revealed below…

Michael Black, author and dynamic online marketing consultant, is offering an incredible opportunity for you to use the power of to position your business as the most well-known company in your niche market, without you having to spend a fortune in advertising.

According to, up to 85% of people search for a local company or store online using a free local listing service called Google Places, then go on to do buy a product or service from the local business.

If you want to harness the power of to increase your leads, prospects and profits by having a professional places expert to rank your website or business locally, then contact me today!

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“Claim Your FREE Marketing Audit That Uncovers Marketing Assets
Currently Within Your Business That Are Not Being Maximized A
nd Easily Increase Your Sales By 25% – 100% In 90 Days Or Less…

Take Advantage Of My 60 Minute Marketing Mastermind Session.  The “mastermind concept” is widely credited to Napoleon Hill, author of the all-time bestselling success book, ‘Think And Grow Rich,’ and it chronicles the common ideas and success strategies of several hundred great achievers of Hill’s time, including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison.

These Magnates, Entrepreneurs, and Great Thinkers knew the power of the mastermind.  Besides, you probably already know the problems with trying to improve your advertising, marketing, sales and business strategies on your own.  I’m offering you a FREE incredible opportunity for you to improve your current marketing and sales systems without spending more money on advertising. Claim your free marketing audit today and discover:

  • How to quickly increase your sales by 25% – 100% in the next 90 days without spending more money on advertising!
  • How to guarantee that your business stands head and shoulders above the competition, so prospects will be proud and excited to buy from you.
  • The “Hidden Goldmine” in your business and how you can capitalize on it and make big profits.
  • Quick, easy and cheap ways to advertise your business.

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Don’t Take My Word For It… Here’s What 
My Satisfied Clients Have To Say:

I've been an entrepreneur for over 12 years and Mike's newsletter is the most effective marketing tool I have ever used.–Suzanne Craig, Independent Associate

Mike is so professional...  I'm looking forward to doing business again!–Sherita Stewart, 5LINX

I'm very happy with my website from AfroMarketing.  Michael had me up and running in no time!–Jerry Cash, Martial Artist

Mike's advice has been invaluable.  I talk to him before I make ANY marketing decisions.–Nordia Watson, Trinity Hair Salon

I really enjoyed Mike’s Marketing Summit. I got a huge amount of information that I can use in my business today. Best of all, I could ask him any marketing questions I wanted. He gave it away for free!–Zhenya Brazy, Russian Day Spa

I've never been a fan of computers.  Hell I just started using email a couple years ago.  That's why I was so happy with Mike's work.  All I had to do was give him some pictures and a brochure and I was done!–Jerry Thompson, All Good Construction"


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